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Dräger and Lienert, based in Marburg Germany, provide a suite of solutions for organizations employing workers with vision loss, to accelerate workers contribution, increase work efficiency and improve the quality of the workplace.

Today they announce the expansion of their service globally. U-R-Able, a Canadian based company, holds the exclusive North American rights to distribute Dräger and Lienert’s suite of solutions. U-R-Able’s goal, working with organizations like CNIB and the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), is to create environments that will support high talent workers irrespective of adjusted abilities. The solutions allow the advancement of persons working with vision loss beyond "Accessible" and "Functioning" to the otherwise difficult state of "Efficient".

Hansjörg Lienert, Principal – Dräger and Lienert. " We are pleased to see our solutions in use in North American and improving the work experience for persons working with blindness. U-R-Able brings experience in workplace efficiency, a solid technical background and an excellent understanding of the needs of blind workers – important combinations."

Rob Nevin, Principal – U-R-Able "The solutions created by Dräger and Lienert are unique and provide a true Universal Access for computer users challenged by the limits of current accessibility tools. The improvements brought by Dräger and Lienert technologies unlocks potential, expands contribution and creates environments which allow blind workers to not only work, but to succeed and advance in their careers."


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