BlindSquare BPS

BlindSquare indoor navigation 

Beacon Positioning System (BPS)
Knowing what's around you. 

For several years, many blind users have been relying on BlindSquare as a tool of preference for their daily travel.The GPS-based iOS App informs the user of nearby points of interest and gives them the opportunity, to independently locate intersections or places of interest close by. BlindSquare, which is available in 175+ countries and 26 languages, connects the traveler to over sixty million well organized points of interest globally. This supports local and simulated travel to locations of interest whether it's across the city, or across the globe.

All GPS-based solutions have the same problem. When access to the sky ends, so does the ability to locate yourself on a map. BlindSquare supports the continuation of travel indoors seamlessly, which is unique in a single application. Using low-energy Bluetooth beacons, BlindSquare is able to determine the user's location, and then presents audio messages about their location, and options to travel based on the direction they are facing.

Users of BlindSquare only have to turn around and can detect everything surrounding them. In order to accommodate visitors at supported locations, informatzion is available in two tiers.

This benefits both, FIRST-TIME visitors who may request additional details and FREQUENT visitors, who seek confirmation of location only, knowing that additional information (such as restroom descriptions) is available if ever required.

An additional application of BlindSquare are DYNAMIC QR Codes, which make it possible to deploy further information, such as floor plans or opening hours as static or changing information


Key features of BlindSquare are:

  • Fast and flexible setup
  • Blind users know exactly, what to find in which direction
  • BPS deployments provide for free-use zones in proximity to BPS supported buildings.
  • Additional information can be deployed, without having the blind person search for it.
  • Messaging is dynamic and typically under the care and management of the organization,though some prefer turn-key options — also available from Dräger & Lienert.
  • The most-used indoor navigation solution with over 1500 buildings in active use
  • The only single application providing seamless travel, indoors and out.


With BlindSquare BPS a blind person is afforded the capability of finding the Administrator at the Tax Office or the receptionist in a large hotel lobby the difference between an elevator and an escalator by tone, the location of doorways — and the freedom of choice, without having to ask someone or just wandering around

BlindSquare is the ideal tool for companies, governmental organizations or shop owners, who want their facilities to be accessible for the blind.